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Is Google Glass The Next Surgery Tool?

Google Glass could be used in the ER.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

A lot of press has largely focused on the negative privacy implications Google Glass could bring if it goes into mass distribution. However, it may have practical uses which have been previously unforeseen.

A surgeon at The Ohio State University used his Google Glass to beam a colleague into an ACL repair surgery, plus allow medical students to watch the surgery from his particular point of view.

The surgeon, Christopher Kaeding, sent out a live feed of the surgery of his perspective, which apparently is significantly more useful to students than observing in person since the view is obscured by the team performing the surgery.  There are other uses too,

It could potentially be used by a surgeon to bring up x-ray images or patient reports during an operation, too. The surgeon can collaborate with other specialists anywhere in the world, while being able to bring up reference material all in real time. It could make performing surgery a lot more efficient.

Check out the video here.

Source: PopSci

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